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Clear visualization of your process

Yield Matters,
Compliance Rules

Take control of your business by harnessing your data and visualizing your unique production process. Be ready to make informed decisions on scaling your operation. Track and report on the journey from seed to sale with all of your important supply chain data aggregated in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Grow Your Team

Scaling your operations shouldn’t involve a crystal ball. Enable informed decisions from your historical data with the reporting feature. Use your yields, efficiencies, and costs to make smart growth choices that will place your business ahead of the pack. With your data and reporting on tap, you’re able to make decisions with precision.

Scale Faster. Optimize Your Yields

Your process is unique. Your software should capture that.

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Visualize Your Process

You’re the expert in what you do. We customize and visualize your process, so you can monitor activity and improve quality and consistency over time. Don’t settle for an MPR, ERP, or QMS. Prevent changing your process to fit a software. Choose the solution that captures your unique process.


Make Better Decisions

Monitor your business with reports showing detailed real-time data for yields by production batch, material type, process, or facility, and easily share the data with partners to build trust.


The Big Picture

Your GMP-enabled Dashboard syncs all of your data, whether it’s your financial software, data logged from IoT devices such as scales and flow meters, or lab test results, allowing you to easily monitor everything happening in your daily operations.

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