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Yield Matters,
Compliance Rules

We give you visibility into every aspect of your unique production processes, ensuring everyone is on the same page and allowing you to make informed decisions on how best to scale your operations.
We help you track the journey from harvest to packaged goods with a transparent chain of custody (a lineage for materials) to improve yields and meet compliance needs.

Unify Your Team

Traditionally in cannabis and hemp, data had been tracked on clipboards and spreadsheets, which created friction when sharing information with colleagues.
We give your team access, from boots on the ground to upper management. Operators input progress as they work and managers monitor activity in real time so you can improve production, maintain compliance, and be transparent with partners.

Let Us Help You Optimize Yields

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Real Time Cost Per Gram

Monitor your production line, yields, and costs in real time with data and reporting that allows you to make more informed forecasts and smartly scale your business.
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Visualize Your Process

You’re the expert in what you do. We enhance your operation by customizing Backbone to faithfully visualize your process, so you can monitor activity and improve quality and consistency over time.


Be Prepared for Audits

We simplify all your compliance needs with seamless regulatory integrations (such as Metrc), GMP/ISO reporting, documentation for audits, and the ability to track lineage of materials from origin to sale.
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Make Better Decisions

Gain insight into your business with reports showing detailed real-time data for yields by production batch, material type, process, or facility, and easily share the data with partners to build trust.


Everything in One Place

We sync all of your data, whether it’s your financial software, data logged from IoT devices such as scales and flow meters, or lab test results, allowing you to easily monitor everything happening in your operations.
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Brands We Empower


Backbone is our brand playbook. We have so many moving parts, and Backbone helps us keep track of what's happening and what we need to do next.

Parker Berling, President

No matter how much we are prepared, the first and subsequent state inspections for licensing are a stressful process. One thing I didn’t expect, was how comfortable the inspectors were with Backbone when I mentioned it, and how at ease they quickly became that all of our processes were being tracked and accounted for. We were able to answer all their questions with a couple quick clicks on our dashboard.

Robert Gale, Owner

The Backbone team really takes the time to understand their customer's processes in order to build out the most effective software. Having them review our processes for compliance and efficiency was extremely helpful in improving our current operating procedures.

Amber Gillespie, Compliance Specialist

We knew we needed to understand how much it cost us to produce our products, from buying biomass to using butane for extraction all the way to packaging and testing. Backbone made it easy for us to figure out if we're making a profit, and how to become more productive.

Laura Trostle

Other software we've used made us change how we worked to conform to their way of thinking. Backbone tailors itself to us.

Cari Denhardt, Head of Operations

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